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Re: pentosin types

> I suspect that you're right about Audi selling only one type, at least in
> the US.  They've always given me the can with the red cap, p/n G 002 000,
> which is the 11S stuff, for my '87 5000 S.

True.  The Bentley and I believe a TSB too say the G 002 000 should be
used in all systems and can be mixed with the old part number
(which I don't remember, but the one you have below looks right).

> I just looked in my Haynes manual (I know, I should have a Bentley by now,
> shoot me I deserve to die! ;)) and it says to use VW/Audi p/n AOE 041 020
> 10.  I'm going to call my dealer tomorrow and check it out.

> I stopped by an import repair shop on the way to work this morning (no time
> to drive an hour to the Audi dealer, and I desperately needed pentosin).
> He gave me a bottle of Bilstein hydraulic fluid which he says he uses in
> all the Audi hydraulic systems.  It was cheaper than the stuff at the
> dealer, but I can't find on the bottle anywhere whether it's 7.1, 11S, or
> something else.  I went ahead and used it, since I know I'll be rebuilding
> my rack in the next couple of weeks anyway, but if any of you know anything
> about this fluid, lemme know. :)

Is it green?  If so you are probably OK.  There are other makes... I saw
yet a different one in the Jaguar dealer.  And someone posted
another equivalent recently.