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I have a clunk, too

Hi All!

There has been some amount of discussion on the list recently about
various 'clunk' noises coming from the front of the car. Well, I don't
suspect my 5K of reading my e-mail while I'm asleep ;-), but now I have
a clunk, too! It is coming from the left strut area. I can feel it
through bodyshell rather than the steering wheel. It is most apparent on
small bumps and it seems to disappear ( or at least decreases ) when I
apply brakes. I've recently rebuild the rack and the car was aligned
after that. Front wheel bearings, shocks and suspension bushes were
replaced during last 2 years. The mechanic who rebuild the rack warned
me that I'll have to replace left tie-rod end soon, but I can't feel any
slack in it. Any suggestions before I put working gloves on?