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Re: Rallye Golf? -Reply

As I plainly said in my post, referring to 1988 as the year for the
Rallye......the year 1988 was strictly in regards to the U.S., and I would
fully suspect they were much earlier in Europe.  1988 was when they hit the
U.S.   just wanted to explain where I came up with the year 1988  :)

John Gourley

> From: Derek Daily <ddaily@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM>
> To: passat@blaze.cs.jhu.edu; quattro@coimbra.ans.net; kingtut@pothole.com
> Subject: Re: Rallye Golf? -Reply
> Date: Tuesday, July 15, 1997 6:14 PM
> Thanks Donald, 
> (1)  Re:  The Rallye Golf.  Where are the Europeans when I need em? 
> I had one hell of a time locating information from domestic magazines
> regarding my Quantum (Passat) Syncro.  While searching I DID however
> come across an R&T article showing the cutaway of the original
> Ralleye (Rally, Rallye, Really, whatever...) Golf.  This was NOT a
> Rally race stock car, simply a prototype of some ideas VW was having
> with their little baby...quattro awd.  Unless I'm just twankered the
> article was from ~84/85.  Definitely prior to 88.  Furthermore, it
> was the ONLY awd VW article I could drum up using the wonderful
> Univ.Calif. library search system (facetious? perhaps)....so, if any
> of you know about the urRalleye spit it out....if any of you know
> sources for cheesy magazine articles for my Syncro I'd forever be
> idebted to your forthcoming knowledge.
> (2)  RE:  The whole IMPORT ENCHILADA...I'm sure I wont be the first
> to ask...has anyone posted the Audi eligible imports yet?  Looking to
> purchase an Austrian 91 20v urQ with 40kkm for $15k ;-)
> Derek aka SquirleyD
> 86 VW Qtm Syn
> P.S.  Even talked the wife into changing a few fuses via phone
> yesterday in the Qtm under the auspices of the Qlist...trust me this
> is a huge deal.
> >>> Donald Eastlake <kingtut@pothole.com> - 7/15/97 10:28 AM >>>
> It might of been a real Rally... The following VWs are approved for
> import...
> Scirocco??1986
> Golf Rally??1988
> Golf???1988
> Golf???1993
> Passat 4 door Sedan?1992
> GTI (Canadian)??1991
> Golf???1987
> See http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/eligibl.197.html
> --Donald