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Not so bright lights

For those who read Quattro Quarterly, there was a write up on the new 
zenon- filled #9004 Wagner brightlights. It turns out that the new lamps
are not much briighter than halogen lamps.
I sent email to  Wagner about this and got this email back.

1990 QC
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 13:59:50 EDT
From: "Joyce.Laube@CAGTAO" <uscagjxl@ibmmail.com>
To: JGRAHAM1@erols.com

I'm sorry to learn of your displeasure with our 9004 BriteLites.
Please note that our claim of 80% more light on the road, brighter,
whiter and more efficient only appears on our sealed beam package.
We make this claim because we can control the sealed beam since it
is a sealed lighting unit.

Our 9004 capsule box only claims that it is brighter, whiter and
more efficient.  As these capsules fit various composite headlamp
systems with different sizes and shapes, the light cannot be
controlled in the same manner as a sealed beam.  Also unlike the
BriteLite sealed beams we could not increase the wattage as allowed
by D.O.T.  However, with the addition of Xenon gas these capsules
do produce about 16% more light than our standard capsules and are
indeed whiter.

To date we have fielded nothing but praise for our BriteLite
products.  Customers have asked that we expand our capsule and
sealed beam offerings and we are about to add two numbers this fall
and are working on two additional numbers.

It is important to us to have satisfied customers and we would be
more than happy to send you free replacements of our HalogenGold
long life capsules.  You can contact me at 1-800-443-8204
(ext. 3076).