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Re: Not so bright lights

john graham <jgraham1@erols.com> wrote:
>For those who read Quattro Quarterly, there was a write up on the new 
>zenon- filled #9004 Wagner brightlights. It turns out that the new lamps
>are not much briighter than halogen lamps.

>by D.O.T.  However, with the addition of Xenon gas these capsules
>do produce about 16% more light than our standard capsules and are
>indeed whiter.

Hmm. So I take these 9004 brightlights, pop them into my 200T headlamps and
I get 16% more light? Is light like sound, in that you have to double the
energy to achieve a noticeable difference?

What do the xenon bulbs cost? Are they generally available?

I know the proper answer for my 200T lighting problem is Eurolamps, but the
budget committee won't allow that, and it's her car.

In the meantime, she continues to scrape the sh*t out of the Bosch fogs
I've got hanging under the bumper. One of these days she's gonna lose one...

How are those small PIAAs?

Lee Levitt
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