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Re: forwarded question

(from your question that Dan forwarded for you)
At 11:45 AM -0400 on 7/16/97, Dan Simoes wrote:

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>      1) Recently I removed my IC hose to check for leaks (my max. boost is
>      0.9).  I found that there was a significant quantity of Mobil-1 in
>      there. Probably as much as it can keep in the grooves.  Is this a bad
>      sign? No particles of any kind, just oil.
My 875kCST does exactly the same thing.  I just recently took the hose off,
totally cleaned it, and then put it back on, and sometime I'll take it off
to see how much got in again.
My father has the exact same problem with his 944 Callaway, but hopefully,
since he's rebuilding everything(including the turbo...he got a neat little
kit) there won't be any oil blow-by.

>      2) I feel a vibration on my front, driver's side wheel when I turn
>      right at high speed (for example, changing lanes at the highway at
>      over 55mph).  It feels like a rattling, frequency increasing with
>      speed, and it only happens over 50-55mph.  I thought something was
>      loose, so I re-torqued everything, but no improvement.
sounds sorta like you need a better alignment/balancing.  I don't know
where you live, but there's an excellent shop I can recommend(or to anyone
else in the area....)  Donovan's Alignment in Waltham(MA.) They do mostly
alignments, some suspension and brake work...they did an excellent job on
my car(after NTW f*c*ed it up BIG time and took 4 hours to do so), and when
it wasn't perfect, the guy rode in the car with us, took it back to the
shop, balanced the wheels _on_ the car, and it's been perfect ever since.
   The guy there also noticed some worn bushings and stuff...they got
replaced and there was a big difference there as well.


Brett Dikeman
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