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Re: Road going Quattro Sport performance

>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 22:34:33 GMT
>From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
>In message <VA.000003fd.00915310@maximum> Chris Wilson writes:
>> I was at a track day yesterday,where some ordinary (UR) Quattros were 
>> out,and a genuine 12,000 miler Quattro Sport SWB road car was 
>> present,too.The driver was competent,yet it performed little better than 
>> enthusiastically driven UR's.What was the alleged performance differences 
>> between these things?
>Ain't no "alleged".  316bhp plays 200.  Sports are lighter, too.  And better 

the sport offers 306hp (225 kw)  still significantly more than the ur-quattro. 
it is lighter (1300kg), but not by that much (< 100kg), but the gumballs are
235 45/15's, so cornering speeds should be higher than the ur-quattro.  brakes
are much better as well with 295mm x 28mm x 4-piston front and rear. offset
against is the increased lag which might penalise, depending upon gearing and
the circuit, and the aerodynamics of a brick.

0-100km in around 4.9, and 100-0 pdq should help as well...

remember too that 1-2 seconds with a curcuit time of 55 is quite a lot.

the other thing is that the amount of enthusiasm involved in the driving
depends upon the size of the hole that the car has dug into your pocket, and
the quality of your relationship with your insurance company :-)

>A Sport at a UK track day?  White?  John Hanlon?
>A tweaked and seriously driven WR is almost a match for a Sport on a tarmac 
>track. My personal view (contentious, though) is that the MB and RR are _LESS_

>of a threat on a track because the TORSEN differential invades the driver's 

yeah, this is an old thread, but a goodie.  sounds like you've changed your
mind phil ;-)

i don't pretend to drive my cars at the limit on the open road, but i have
experienced "front inside wheel lift" on hard cornering.  the torsen handles
this scenario (a wr quattro nightmare without the centre locked) without any
fuss.  the wheel lifts, the car drives from the rear and the cornering stance
doesn't change a bit.  i think the issue here is that at *all* times the torsen
is sending at least 25% to the axle without traction.

the rs2 is booked in for a track session, and i'll report on the results...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q