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Re: Help w/ A4 Purchase?

Steven N. Marks wrote:
> Help?  I am looking at a 97 A4T (non quattro) with AT, roof, and sports
> package ($26655. msrp).  To my way of thinking, if it was a quattro, it
> would be ideal.  A woman ordered the car and then changed her mind.  Dealer
> appears to be somewhat motivated at cost plus 1K ($24576.)
> On the face, this is so much car for the dollar that I am tempted even
> though it is not equipped with quattro.  For those owners (or soon to be),
> what was your thought process?
> 1. Pros & cons?
> 2. Do you even consider an Audi w/out quattro given the resale value will
> more than cover the $1600?

Hi, Steven. With all my loyalty towards Audi brand, that borders on insanity, I
wouldn't_even_look at an Audi if it does not have a stick and a quattro.

> 3. Performance comparisons between A4 quattro and non quattro?

On a dry sunny afternoon in the city, on asphalt and in a straight line:
If you have a weak engine, a FWD is marginally faster than a Q coz it's lighter.
If you have a powerful engine, however, the Q is_a_lot_faster than the FWD, coz you
don't have a wheel spin, hence no torque loss. The Q delivers 100% of the usefull
torque to the ground, whereas a 2wd car with the same power will put out a lot of
*show* (screeching tires, white smoke etc.) - just not the *go*. (I really enjoy
quetly beating the so-called *muscle* cars, when being challenged).

Now, if we are talking about rain, sleet, snow, curves/and rain, sleet, snow etc.
(what internally known on the list as a *quattro* weather) - there is really
nothing to discuss: GO QUATTRO!

> 5. Any stong feelings about the 4 cyl. vs. 6 cyl.?

Yes, get the 4 cyl, if you are interested in some _serious_power. If, however,
*good* is good enough for you and/or you don't want to get involved with the
extensive mods, and/or you intend to lease the car, then a 190hp 2.8 V6 30v seems
to be a better choice.
> 6. What about 97 (last of them on the lot) vs. 98 (already arriving)?

a '98:
1. a good sport pkg on a 30v.
2. a sport steering wheel as a stand-alone option on a 1.8T.
3. a newer car

1. a higher price.
2. side airbags in the seats (not needed if you intend to replase the seats with
the sport ones).

I would wait for that ultimate A4, to show up. It will, sooner or later, if you
keep the eyes open. Now, as the '98 are showing up, the dealers should become more
and more reasonable.
Hell, $25k is a lot of dough. For this kind of money I'd see that I get _exactly_
what I want.
Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA