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S4 or S6 (was Help w/ A4 Purchase)

> I would wait for that ultimate A4, to show up. It will, sooner or later, if you
> keep the eyes open. 

I test drove the '98 A4, sport suspension, 30v V6, manual tranny. 
Really couldn't test the
low end torque due to traffic congestion.  But,  it is one quiet, fine
riding and fine handling
automobile!!! Was able to accelerate up to expressway speed rather
impressively. (Audi lit. says 
0-60 in 7.1).  The A4 does have the choppy ride that was evident in the

I wanted to see if the sport suspension was too 'rough'  since the
salesman told me that the
AOA rep was discouraging the dealership from ordering half their
inventory with the tighter 
suspension since 'the sport suspension was too rough for American

I think the sport suspension is perfect, at least for my tastes.  The
handling is flat with little
body roll, and the ride conveys just enough of the road surface to
provide adequate feedback.
(Not your fathers elibomsdlO!)  This car is solid, tight, and reeks with
quality throughout!

BOTOH, I don't buy a new car very often and when I do I want a car I
will be happy with for 10
years!  So I'm not ready to plunk my pennies down yet.  I've promised
myself that my next Audi would have 200+ hp in stock form.  Hence I'm
really looking forward to the twin turbo S4 or S6 variant of the new

What's the best info about US availability of S-cars?  I don't know if I
can wait 2 more years!

'87 5kcs TQ
'93 100CS