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UrQ Radiator Fan

Help. My radiator fan isn't coming on as of last week and its
already cost me $75 in towing costs and could cost me the
motor if I'm not careful (please don't send me mail on how
overheating can warp things, I know that). Is this likely to be
a sender issue? I know the UrQ has a crazy 3 stage fan
system. In addition the fan has never automatically come on
with the ac, which, according to the intro service manual, it
should do. Plus, the car will blow the radiator cap before the
stupid idiot light ever comes on. Where is the stage 1
sender, in the radiator? Is the idiot light sender on the back
of the head? Anyone have a PN for the VDO combined gauge
/ idiot light temp sender? I know, too many questions but my
UrQ needs help. Any help is very much appreciated.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ