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Solutions! (squeaky seat, drill holes)

I solved the two problems I recently posted to the list. Here are the results:

1. Squeaky right front seat

As some others have already suggested, the squeak was indeed being caused
by the seat belt fastener rubbing on the plastic molding of the seat (when
the fastener was pushed forward). A little silicone spray made a huge
improvement. I didn't want to over do it, so I may need to apply a bit more...

2. Screw holes on center console on right foot well side

I decided to try silicone (as opposed to replacing the trim pieces or using
the ends of Bic pens). I bought flexible-when-dry black silicone sealer. I
spackled it into the holes neatly and it looks pretty good. Over time (I
hope) it'll lose some of its shiny luster and blend a bit more with the
surrounding trim. But it certainly looks better than holes. :-)

It was a big weekend for silicone. :-)

Thanks for all the suggestions. Hope this helps someone else out...

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