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Bad luck x 3

	Well, I have hit the trifecta---sadly.

	Last week [temps in mid-90's w/ similar humidity] the air
conditioner blower went. Saturday, passenger side window went down &
stayed down.  My allen wrenches and spare switch being 200 miles away at
home.  Finally? today, in the middle of 3 lanes of city traffic, clutch
pedal hits the floor with a thud--no warning.  Push the car about 2 blocks
[see weather report above, only add a downpour], everybody lookin and
honking, nobody helping:)

	So, when I get the car fixed, it will be for sale for $25,000.
After all, it has all new parts:)

	BTW, when I catch the Audi engineer that designed the headlights
and window switches?  I am kicking his ass.  Just thought you should know.