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Audi Lug Bolt Torque Specs

In a message dated 97-07-21 18:23:23 EDT, quk@sievers.com writes:

<< > Fellow Audians:  In his recent "Warp Rotor Maddness" post, Paul Royal
 > indicated that he "re-torqued all the lug nuts on the car to 85lbs."
 > Just last week, my mechanic told me the appropriate lug nut torque spec
 > was 80ft.lbs. So, what is the appropriate torque spec for the lug nuts
 > on an '91 Audi 200 TQ.
 Hmm.  The factory recommends 110Nm for the ur-quattro's Ronals.
 IMO this is too low - I torque at 125Nm.
  Phil Payne >>

I agree with Phil and Paul.  My owner's manual for the '90 V8 states 80 ft
lbs(110 Nm).  I always tighten to 85 ft lbs (115 Nm).  Also note that these
are COLD torqueing specs.  Aluminum wheels tend to expand when hot.  If you
torque a hot wheel (from spirited driving/braking and such), I would go 95 ft
lbs. The lug bolts on audis are very strong.  JMHO.  

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 178k+