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Re: Alternater ?'s....Again

Arun Rao wrote:
>  I turned on the lights and radio and couldn't get
> > the alt light to come on again.  When I look at the alt output on the
> > Climate Controll panel chanel 11, the volts are around 13.5, turn on
> > radio.. 13.5, turn on radio and lights...12.3 - 12.5. turn off
> > everything then turn on A/C....11.5 - 11.8.
>         Armed with Eric's instructions (my direct mail to you
>         bounced, Scott), I had my climate control displaying
>         the alternator output voltage all the way (40 miles)
>         home. The value never went below 12.9 and stayed in the
>         early to mid-13's most of the time -- regardless of
>         A/C, lights or radio.
Same here. Always above 12.9v. 
'91 200tq