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RE: Break & Enter, damage and dealing with the insurance clowns

Sheesh, sorry to hear of another CQ getting injured. Mine *still* has a
bit of wind noise around the drivers window, even after Chris Semple had
at it. It didn't make any noise before we got hit, and the insurance
companies (his and mine) never complained about trying to make it right.
I don't know how to get your insurance company to play fair, maybe
someone else can point you in the right direction.
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Ian Robertson [SMTP:iroberts@rim.net]
	Subject:	Break & Enter, damage and dealing with the
insurance clowns

	Hi all,

	I guess audi coupes just look too good to a thief....
	My 90 CQ 20V was busted into a couple of weeks ago by some jerk
	the driver's window down into the door
	Up until today, everything has been going smoothly with the
	<<more snippage>>
	The nagging problem is wind noise from the window
	area at 
	highway speeds - the dealer has taken a look at it and believes
that its
	probably the
	door seal, but that it (likely) isn't a result of the vandalism.
	willing to keep looking 
	though - BUT he's talked to the insurance company and they think
that if
	I want it looked
	into,  that I should agree to pay for all the work UNLESS it can
	PROVEN that the 
	damage was caused by the forced entry.

	My point is that the noise wasn't there before and therefore
must be
	from the incident.  
	Also, I have the feeling that if I tentatively agree to pay for
any of
	the investigation that
	I'm doomed. Is it really my job to prove that the damage wasn't

	How do I deal with these morons?!