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Ride Height

Hows yours?

You know how there seem to be many 4kq owners reporting a sagging RR?  Well they
may not be alone.

I'd asked Bob Myers with the fresh STEADI suspension to measure the ride height
being curious.  He did and mentioned that maybe the RR read low cause of a rear
end hit he took.

I measured mine,'88 5ktq, 120K miles and the RR is always 3/4"-1/2" lower than
the LR.  I measure from the center of the wheel straight up to edge of the
fender lip.

LR 13.75"s  RR 13-13.25"s.  My fronts were 14.5"? I think 

I've measured in a few parking lots.  The tank is half full right now but if
full is most of the tank on the right side?  Don't remember.

So would some of you measure yours?  The ride height I mean for you wise guys.

I'm curious to see if others are sagging sice the 4ks do it.

Could be interesting eh?


Bob got:   LF   13 3/8          RF    13 5/16

           LR    12 1/4          RR     12 13/16