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The 2000$ '87 Quattro

I just got my first Quattro.  I have a few questions to ask the group,
below is the account of all the fun getting the car.


1) I use Redline Synthetic oils in my BMW, do they work well in
Quattro's?  I'm planning on running it in the diff's and the gear box.

2) Will Sythetic motor oils mess with the Hydraulic lifters in the

3) What is a good aftermarket shock absorber to put in my car, it needs
to shocks?

4) Are there any mail order places that specialize in Audi aftermarket?

5) I just got the car and it looks like it hasn't been maintained very
well.  What are some things I should do as preventitive maintenence?


-- Here's how I got the car --

July 3rd:

Talked to Dad's Auto Recycling of Rancho Cordova California and found an
'87 Quattro with Minor front right damage

July 13th

Flew into Sacremento

July 14th

9 AM: Went down to Dad's and looked at the car.  Sale price, 1450$ for
the car, under 2000$ with Tax and parts to fix.
2 PM: Got money from my bank, bought car and drove to uncles house to
work on it
4 PM: Car drove fine, used rubbing compound to restore the paint.
6 PM: Took car over to location with tools, pulled the minor frame
damage out with the hydraulics from a ford tractor.  We wrapped a chain
around the hydraulic and the other end to the car and viola!  We spend
the rest of the evening putting the fender on the getting the car to a
drivable <street legal> state

July 15th

9 AM: Drove car back to Dad's to pick up a few more parts, then off to
9 PM: After driving all day, get home to Seattle.