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Re: Final Note on Pikes Peak

At 12:28 AM 07/30/97 -0600, you wrote:
> Well, I lost my list of people that were on my Pikes Peak mailing list, so
>I am posting this in general. Perhaps it will generate interest for next

Hopefully, since this one was such a success!!

> I drove down to Colorado Springs yesterday to show our appriciation for
>the hosptality on the hill. I bought Pat (the lady that was so kind to us)
>a big flower arrangement and a nice card on behalf of all of us that
>attended. She was very thankful and was so happy that we had a good time.

Great!! Nice gesture!! Please, let me know if you want a donation, to defray the cost...

> She then proceded to tell me that at least 5 other car clubs had called
>since the race wanting to know if they could have "the Audi Club parking"
>for next year. I guess that it had to be expected though. You know what the
>respnse from Pat was? " I am sorry, but the Quattro Club has the rights to
>that parking and untill they refuse that parking, it is their's" Are we
>cool or what? :)

I guess we could say that "WE DA' GROUP" !! (As a spin-off of the popular saying "YO DA' MAN")

Awesome... awesome indeed. So it seems that we were definitely noticed!! I figured so... how could you miss 20+ Audis in a caravan going up (and down, before everyone else) the hill?? Yep, we were the talk of the day, (well, okay, maybe five minutes...), that's for sure!!

Now, AoA... are you listening? To think... you could have had something to do with it...!! Hmmmphhh!!

>So, if we choose to do it again, we will get the same parking and the
>same discount on tickets. Annual event maybe? :)

I vote for an annual event. How can we let such a great success be a one time thing? I envision it being bigger and better every year.... and now that we've done the first, we have a full year to plan the next.

So people, what's the consensus? Should we do it again? Should I take another vote/collect responses?

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S