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RE: Headlamp switch...

Just take the cowling off the top of the guage pod.  Unplug the switch and it 
pulls off real easy.  
The switch going bad is not because there is a short.  It is because it has no 
relays so all the power goes through that switch.  Also that little light bulb 
inside creates most of the heat.  Switches go bad and have to be replaced.  
Fact of life owning a 4kq.
Pat Martin
864000csq  2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge,advanced and loving it.  Drilled and 
stopping it.  Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates, turbo coming soon, 
95 subaru legacy 
Bothell, Wa.


How does one remove/re-place the headlamp switch (86-4000cs-q) ?

My normal mech said the switchs go bad from shorts in the wireing??? 
Should the switch become warm???  The switch works fine if I "jury-rig" it
between the driveing and parking ?????