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Re: Aftermarket alarm w/keyless just installed

At 02:56 PM 7/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>    I just installed a new alarm w/ keyless entry into my V8q.  Several of
>you wanted to know how it went so. . .
>   It was fairly easy, if you have any electrical knowledge at all very
>little required.


Just read the full details you sent out the other day.  Sounds very
straightforward.  Thanks for much.  One question:  Did you disable the
factory alarm?  The factory alarm already has ignition kill, and however
it's done, it's very effective.  Set off the factory alarm and a siren goes
off and if you turn the ignition key you get nothing, zip.  Unfortunately,
the factory alarm is armed and disarmed by indexed wheels connected to the
two front door locks.  That's what started my interest in an aftermarket
alarm; we fixed a broken door lock (pain in the butt), and did not get the
alarm indexing right.  It arms when you unlock the driver's door lock, and
unarms when you lock it!

I'll probably order their kit next week and mention your name.  Thanks again.


John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic