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RE: New S4 picture

>>tippy-toes. Big confused grins for the 321bhp, though! Where the hell
>>did they come up with 321 bhp? Does Audi even have a 321bhp engine in
>>it's stable?

>Oh, a bit misunderstood here. The little article next to the picture is 
>talking about the M3's 321hp I6 vs. Audi's 267hp 2.7 V6 twin turbo. It 
>also says that the S4 will have 6 speed manual tranny, light weight alloy
>wheels, and the white face gauges.

Damn, how sad. For what's its worth, the S8 is rated at 340ps. I'm
guessing that'll compute to somewhere around 320 to 330bhp?? Or is that
other way around?

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