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Re: Why They Didn't Build the Avus

>> There is absolutely no financially sound chance that the AVUS
>> could have been built at a price anywhere near the $65,000 point. That
>> is off by a factor of ten, at least, even without the W12 development
>> investment

>I'm not saying you are wrong, but why is that exactly. The A8 was developed
>and is sold (albeit at a loss) for $65K. Why then would it not be logical
>that the Avus would have been atleast similar and under $100K. Lesser
>volume I understand, but not if the price is right. Looking at it now it

Ah, I think you forgot the silent partner, Alcoa. Note Alcoa (if I've read
correctly) has absorbed almost all of the cost of toolings' research,
development, and the actual toolings used today -- without much cost
(relatively speaking) to Audi. And even under that condition, we are told
Audi is selling ASF-based cars at a loss! If even the Avus is based on the
current ASF (highly-modified, no doubt), I don't see how it cannot escape
the $100,000 price tag. For comparison the S8 has minimal body mod (if at
all), and the suspension is A8's sport-package carry-over (with stiffer
mod). So is it possible the big hike in $108,000 base price is all packed
in the emgine?

If Avus is indeed going to be produced, I bet it will be totally
hand-made. It's just ain't economical to produce production-style tools
for putting out the Avus.

It's certainly possible for Audi to produce Avus in limited umbers. But it
certainly (ur, probably) won't be a price tag near $100,000. It would be
higher if the Avus is going to be based on aluminum -- which is more in
line with Audi's motto.

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