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Re: quattro-digest V4 #984

Au contrere, mon Canadien ami;

As an average Canadian joe, I am qualified to say that the lack of Audi
population is because the majority of average Canadian joes just ain't too
aware of his Euro options.  Audi never flooded the NA market with cheap
fuel efficient rides, as the Japanese did in the early 70's; they just
don't think of Audi as an option. Having done the "reliable, North
American built car with readily available parts"  trip most of my life, I
can safely say they are not all they are cracked up to be in folklore.
Canadians put up with plenty of unreliable crap (the magic wagon is only
the first example to spring to mind). How about a Cherokee? 

There are however exceptions to every rule, just where you would never
expect them. I was filling up at the only gas station in Outer Podunk
recently when the welding truck from hell pulled up (turbo diesel 4x4 one
ton, brand new and bedecked every conceivable flange, spigot, and
accessory). The driver took one look at my car and said "Coupe Quattro!
That's the car for me!!" I just about fainted. 

Driving my Coupe all year round and loving it,

> Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 17:13:26 -0700
> From: cheryl_ford@bc.sympatico.ca
> Subject: Re: What, no Audis?!?  (Subie city...)
> Hey, up north here (Canada), we (the average joe) don't put up with 
> unreliable vehicles, or overly complex cars with lots of specialized 
> parts (which may not like low temps) that the dealer doesn't always 
> stock.  As a result, Audis don't make most peoples 1st choice for a 
> winter vehicle.  
> I don't drive mine in the winter, as its too hard on my car.  
> (although it has never left me stranded)
> My 1st car was a subaru wagon, I was 16, & I couldn't kill it.... 
> Finally sold it to a middle aged fellow who loved it.