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Aftermarket Radio Install Report '91 200

Well after having the "beast" ('91 200 20v tq) for 2 weeks, I have
finally installed a radio. I tried to find the OEM Delta, but the only
one I found was for $250 used. Got a new Sony instead. The wiring
harness in the car for the radio had already been hacked, so this also
pushed me toward aftermarket. The Bentley wiring diagrams did not match
the car. I decided to disable the amps in the speakers. This means that
the sheilded signal wires from the original radio became my speaker
wires. Alittle thin gauge, but ok.
    The front speakers are inside a ported plastic enclosure. This looks
like it is tuned to about 200 hz which explains complaints that there is
to much bass in the Delta/Bose system. Opened them up and wired the amp
inputs to the speaker wires. I checked polarity, positive on the
speakers is red, while neg is green up to the connector on the amp.    
Bypassed the amps in the rear speakers as well. Removed the speakers
from inside the trunk, rather than taking the rear deck out. Bentley
says there are tweeters in the rear. NOPE, none there. Again we expect
lots of bass. 
    Of the two antenna wires, one already had been cut with a "standard"
connector added. Hmmm, what are the chances that the previous installer
had used the rear antena which has AM? 50/50 was my guess. Got lucky,
the black connector antena wire had been hacked and it goes to the rear.
There were two white wires, which acording to Bentley are for antena
power. With the radio on tried one to the antenna power out of the
radio, heard a relay click, but no effect on gain. Tried the other one,
no noise, no effect on gain. Put the radio on AM and tried again. The
second wire made a huge difference in AM reception. Maybe FM is not
amplified? Dunno, but the radio gets way better reception than the Blue
Dot in my '86 4kq with the stubby retractable antenna.
    Sounds fine, if you turn the bass all the way down and the treble
all the way up. Purposely picked the Sony because it has a regular bass
control (turned all the way down in this case) and an extra bass knob
that rolls of hard at 75 hz. This one can be turned up without
introducing mid bass booming. Tweeters would be a welcome upgrade.