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'78 100 roll-over, survived- thanks to seatbelts

To all Audi-nauts:

I had a '78 100 (5000) that I, with regret, wrecked because of a sharp curve
I had underestimated back in mid-June (Seattle, WA) one early morning. After
correcting the swerve I ran into the sloped ground on the other side and
flipped over, and all that- and landed upon the road upside down. I survived
the accident because of the seat belt, the miracle ribbon.

The roof caved in to within a millimeter of my head. I was still able to open
the door and walk out without an injury. Or so I thought. I have injured the
elbow. At any rate I was lucky, and the Audi was sturdy.

Now I bought another one for $150 with a bad engine. It has a hole in the
number 2 cylinder chamber wall. I'm taking the engine and transmission out of
that wrecked Audi and installing it in that other '78 car.

Well- I sure enjoy tinkering with the Audi, for God knows what- and yes, all
that is during my spare time. I teach during the day, and have a 77 Chevy van
(3/4 ton of fun).

Wear seatbelts! And have fun!