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Aston Martin exposed!

Was at a shop in New Smyrna Beach (where? - 15 m. south of Daytona), and saw
an Aston Martin 6 cyl engine sitting on the floor, car being restored.

Sound of bubble bursting - castings for block, bell housing, etc were as
crude as anything I've ever seen - lumps, mold marks, seams (where the plugs
went together) - these were SAND castings - real low-production stuff . . .

Oil lines fabricated out of itty bitty lengths of copper pipe with multiple
banjo fittings, etc. - guaranteed to get brittle and break from vibration -
this is just plain poor engineering.

Spark plug wires crammed together, running under one of the the cam covers
(in a chamber above it, actually), where they will be well exposed to the
max heat of the engine.

And it only makes a whole 200 HP.

Now, agreed, in the mid-60s, 200 HP from a British car was something
(compare like-vintage MG, etc.), but really - this car is resting _entirely_
on heritage! 

And I really do like British sports cars! I've had more than a few, but I
was shocked at the "home-made" quality of Mr. Bond's personal ride. 

(Phil, will you still talk to me when I come over in September? Jim H?)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman