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Re: help - bulb for differential panel

Mike Benno wrote ....

>Does anybody know the volts/amps for the lightbulb which illuminates the
>panel in front of the differential lock switch? There are three bulbs for
>this panel. Front wheels, rear wheels, and the lock indicator (green). I am
>replacing the front one.

All the labelled bulbs in the dash and the heater controls are 12 volt, 1.1
or 1.2 watts. I used 12 volt, 60 mA bulbs from Radio Shack (part 272-1092)
in the fog light and seat heater switches. They have long leads and can be
cut to length. Also used them in the radio. No ill effects so far. I just
took the differential lock switch apart and will be using the same bulbs


2 of those 1988 90Qs