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Re: Today's case, are the doctors in?

Michael Murphy wrote:
> Dear qlisters . . .
> Doctors, today's case presents as follows:
> 89 100 nonQ, complains of OVERHEATING
> Never had a problem with coolant temp.
> Don't know if thermostat ever replaced (probably not).
> Cooling system flushed/refilled 10/96.
> Gauge always registered dead center.  When traffic/OAT got too
> much, fan would bring temp back into range.
> 8/11 - 8/25 car sat immoble at mechanic for part.
>             Aside - battery drained (interior light stayed on).
>             Seems to have healed OAT sensor and scrambled display
> problem
>             as they worked today (but we'll see).
> 8/26        Got car back (repair had nothing to do with cooling system)
> Runs warmer. Gauge needle slightly above mid point.
> Air temp was about 85 max (OAT indicator around 90).
> Changed oil & filter and took off. Running warm as above
> stop & go (30-40MPH).
> Temp gauge starts going up, steam observed.
> Stopped almost immediately when H2O temp warning displays.
> Found coolant tank cap loose and no coolant in tank.
> Filled tank with coolant (proper mix) and took off.
> Temp OK but starts to rise slowly after several minutes of driving
> (30MPH w/ only one stop).
> No steam this time but get temp warn display and needle
> climbs to 2 clicks before H. FAN DOES NOT GO ON.
> Drive home with ECONO heater on HI and max fan.
> Temp gauge does not go any further than 2 clicks from H, but did
> start to rise when heater turned off.  STILL NO FAN.
> At home, no leaks, no steam, tank level full. FAN GOES ON 3X W/ENGINE
> OFF.
> After 1 hour tank level dropped 1/4" assumed back to radiator.
> Still no visible leaks on ground on hoses, etc., no coolant in oil.
> Thermostat FUBAR while sitting for 2+weeks at garage?  I think it's
> stuck partially open, or can not open completely.
> Any seconds?  If so, recommendations re: which thermostat to get (174 or
> 187F).  I live on Long Island - OAT lowest 0, highest 100F.
> RE: Where the H8$% is thermostat?
> Pls correct if wrong, thermostat housing between plugs 1 & 2.
> Has upper radiator hose attached (like the rest of the world).
> H2O temp sensor/sending unit attached to housing pointing up.
> Thermostat faces down with several wires running out; connects to
> housing with "big mother" brass nut?
> If you have a differing diagnosis/view, pls advise.
> Thanks in advance,
> MJ Murphy,
> 89 100 nonQ 71K miles (no Bentley yet)
> 86 Jeep G Wagoneer 194K miles (beat on theromstat housing and she
> works).
> PS Sold 86 4kq over weekend to deserving college student who begged me
>    for 3 months. 140k miles, w/brother inflicted engine damage, dead AC
	Follow th lower rad hose to the engine there you will find the
thermostat.As far as the fan goes check the fuse they do go bad from age
it is located by the master cyl on the inner fender with two brown wires
going to it.The fuse is a 70 amp the same as the diesels use for the
glow plugs.