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RE: Can Am Cars

<< OK, those can am cars pretty much had nothing to do with Audi.  It
a Porsche car (loosely).  It had "Porsche + Audi" on it because Porsches
Audis were once (and still usually are) sold side by side (same
part of VW of America).  So, they were just trying to get thier cars

If you are referring the the "Porsche + Audi" stickers that were on the
side of the white 917, that was Vasek Polak's car.  Vasek Polak owned
(son owns it now) a Porsche and Audi dealer in Hermosa Beach, Ca.  That
did not have anything to do with Audi as a participant in the series.

<< Next thing....I don't think the 917 was a Can Am car.>>

Ever hear of the 917/10 and the awesome 917/30?  The cars which the
Mclarens with their twin turbo big blocks, couldn't touch...

<< If my memory serves me correctly, the 917 had a small 6 cylinder

No, no, no.  The 917's had 12 cylinder engines, and there was even a 16
cylinder engine developed in case the 12-cylinder didn't make enough
beans (for the 917/30).  These engines at full boost could make 1200HP
(no, that's not a typo)..

<< I think they were raced in Le Mans type racing (kinda like what GTP

Yes, there was that 917 as well.  There were 25 made for the Le Mans
style racing.  Vic Elford set the record in a 917 longtail, which stood
for quite a long time until, I believe Stefan Bellof broke it in a 956
or 962C.

<<(I don't think it was 1,000 although they were getting up there)>>

Try upwards of 1600 with the 16 cylinder motor, which they never used.

The racing world could REALLY use a series like Can Am again.  A
run-what-you-brung type of deal is always interesting.


-mark nelson