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Re: dura lube and other additives

Michael Murphy wrote:

> Paul Dansereau wrote:
> >
> > anyone tried any additives in there cars? I am thinking of trying
> > duralube in my car. I was wondering what negative side affects this
> may
> > have on future performance, and reliablity of my engine.
> >
> > Thanks
> > --
> > Paul Dansereau
> > 93 90sq (stock as it gets)
> Here's a no vote.  Why?  Don't know except from what I read which is
> it's an expensive hype and you can accomplish the same thing with
> regular oil/filter changes.--

Micheal,            Your not the only one that says additives are bad, I
haven't got one positive reply to this post, I won't be using any
additives, I have a feeling I would be shunned from the list if I did (
kidding), but I will obviously be doing the regular oil changes etc.
Talk to you agian.

Paul Dansereau
93 90sq (stock as it gets)