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No OJ nor Di

I was going to only send this to Unka Bart - but then decided the 
whole list would benefit from my *wonderful* opinion....a very short 

Rant begins.....

As usual, you speak Veritas, sir.  (Note capital V).

And as much as I detest the professional leeches and lower 
life forms referred to as "paparazzi"...as a sometimes-professional 
radio reporter, I also applaud and second your comments about 
personal responsibility.

Too many people today blame the media, their parents, the school 
system, too much to drink, one toke too many, etc. for their own 
failure to exercise personal control.  

ROAD APPLES!!  I don't care HOW drunk, stoned, harassed or 
confused the perpetrator of X was - s/he is responsible for his/her 
actions.  Period, end of paragraph.  

Sic endeth rant.

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