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Looking for parts: '85 5000 CDT

My loveable and trusty but aging '85  5000 CD Turbo needs a few small
pieces. Does anyone have the following items from a parts car:

1.  Chrome trim ( Window Slot Seal ) exterior molding, left rear door.
This is the strip at the bottom of the window frame on the exterior.  I
lost the one fitted on the left rear door and need it to keep rain out.
The other door seals are still there but if someone has all these seals
in good condition compared to the bent look I have from a sloppy attempt
by someone unknown in the past to remove them then we might make a deal.

---Does anyone know the best way to remove this trim without wrecking

2.   Sun visor for the driver's side ( Light/med grey). I noticed the
occasional list member with similar problems being the visor does not
stay in a fixed position any longer.

3.   My AC programmer is acting up. Troubleshooting it has been real fun
even with my Bentley.. Any salvage units available?

You can email me direct at esk1@erols.com to negotiate.