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Re: 83 Ur Q

Ronald J. Husak wrote:
> ...K24...Schrick asymmetric cam...computer work
> ...builds boost very slowly...eventually...10-12...4000+ RPM.
> ...25-3500 we are looking at 5 - 7 lbs.

I have the k24, with Hoppen's chip (which changes the advance as a
function of boost, and raises the overboost limit to 16.5psi), and
a stronger WG spring (about 12psi), and a regulator inline
between the Intake manifold, and the top of the WG (gets me to 15psi).

I have no special cam.

The results were DRAMATIC, and I can get from vac to 15psi by 3500.
Sounds like you have a WG problem, or a vac leak somewhere else.

Good luck