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Re: knock sensor

When you say above 70mph, do you mean above 3000 rpm?  Does this
happen in every gear? At every throttle position?  Are you using Premium

The best way to begin is take the car out for a ride, get the boost up a
few times (get the light to light up) with the engine warm, drive it home
and dump the computer fault codes.  Do not turn the engine off when you
pull into the driveway.  This erases the fault codes that the computer has
stored during your last drive.

To dump the codes:  

1) Pop the cover off of the fuse-relay panel near the driver's A-pillar
under the hood.

2) Take a spare fuse and bridge the top of the fuel pump relay for 
a minimum of four seconds. (It's the only relay with a slot for a fuse and
is grey on my car).  

3) Watch the "check engine" light on the dashboard.  It will blink once for
about 1 second and then will flash to count out the code.  The codes are
4-digit numbers.  For example, code "4-4-4-4" will be 4 sets of 4 blinks
with a slight pause between each digit.

4) After each code is displayed, bridge the top of the relay again and the
next one will be displayed, or else "4-4-4-4" will flash to signal that no
more codes are stored.

I don't have the code list with me right now (I'm at work).  If you post
what you get I'll mail you back and let you know what the computer says
is wrong.  Then you can really start looking.  

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'86 5KCSTQ