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Audi Clothes

The same place that I bought my A4 at, Sunset Imports in Beaverton, OR, has
a pretty good selection of Audi clothing.  I bought a polo shirt and a
denim shirt from them.  Didn't buy a jacket because I prefer black leather.
<g>  They also have Porsche, but I don't think they have BMW.

>From: " Nick Ramone " <audi_mail@mailexcite.com>
>Subject: Audi Clothes Yea!
>Hi everyone,
>my Order came by UPS today for the Audi Accessories I ordered from a
surplus com
>any I found while surfing
>I placed the order about 3 1/2 weeks ago so shipping was'nt to bad but the
>was defently worth it since I have never been able to find Audi Style
> anywhere lots of Porsche and BMW stuff but never have found Audi heard 
> you can find Audi stuff at races over seas but My audis keep my budget so 
> that I dont go anywhere ecpessially over seas.