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Euro light styles for the 4k, 4kq and coupe

The H4/H1 refers to a single lens aero style that has two
reflectors, one
for the H4 lamp and one for the H1. The H1 is used only for
high beams. 
With theses lamps there is no side marker light because they
are so big.
I have the H1/H4 euro Hellas on my UrQ and they definitely
have side marker lights. They are clear and could be fitted with
orange marker bulbs. As for the single bulb H4's I think they
may be the flat style so they'll be less "aero" than the stock
1985-1987 US lights. I could be wrong but they are definitely
flat for the UrQs. The H4/H1s are aero and fit perfectly with the
'85's and newer grille. I used a grille from a '86 coupe when I
went to the H4/H1's to give it the aero look.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ