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200Q after-run fan question

My new-to-me '91 200Q seems only to want a new set of tires (on order) to
make it _nearly_ purrrfect (KOZ*). Pre-delivery, the dealer installed a new
multifunction switch and thermostat, and now the temp guage runs just where
I'd expect. But after several days of testing, I'm concerned because no
after-run fan (or anything else) has ever come on after the engine is shut
down after running at full operating temp. Yes I've waited for many
minutes, but no fan or pump. The fan does indeed come on with the AC and
also when the engine idles for even a few seconds. But why no after-run?
The ambient temps have been a bit cooler than usual these past days when
I've driven it--about 65-75F. Is the need for after-run very sensitive to
the ambient temp, or is there a faulty switch or relay?

'91 200Q
'89 100

(*) KOZ = Knock on Zebrano.
BTW, is "knocking on wood" a peculiarly American and English superstition?
And if the wood is only a 1/128" thick veneer, will it _really_ work to
ward off the evil eye? Or is such thinking only sure to bring down the
wrath of the Audi gods? And just how _many_ of them are there, anyway?

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