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Re: To those who dont believe...

Ian J Haseltine wrote:
> Yes it is true, I've seen it with ny own eyes - Phil Payne DOES have a fiche
> reader in the boot of his quattro.
> As for the tool kit, he did admit to having left 'some bits and pieces' at
> home but even so, 'comprehensive' is an understatement. About the only things
> I didnt see were a trolley jack or any axle stands. Lets put it this way, once
> the fiche and the tool chest (no way can you call it a tool BOX) are in the
> boot along with the full size spare wheel, you arent going to get much else in
> there.
> Just in case there are still people who think that this is a wind-up, George
> Harrison took some pictures which he will post as final proof.
> Mind you, it was amusing to see Phil hauling it all out for a third time to
> try and find his car keys...:-)
> Jim Haseltine
> 88 Ur quattro
Does this complete "kit" reduce gas mileage?
MJ Murphy
smart a^* in the colonies