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US listers; Snow tires on Audi alloys for sale

Hello all: Have 4 snow tires mounted on Audi alloys 
for sale. 4 hole 108mm diameter 45mm offset 14inch Audi
aerodynamic alloys, the type you can see on some
5000 series Audis. Some nicks, but otherwise great
and holds air. Fits some Audi 4000 and 5000 and later
Coupe GTs.

Have used them for 2 winters, and am selling my 
86 CGT. The tires are Nokia Hakkapeliitta 10 in
175/70/14. The tires are in very good shape, but
one had a puncture that was sealed the proper way,
ie; no plug was used.

A webpage detailing the tires can be found at

Asking $300 + shipping. 

For you Pacific Northwesters, I will be going up 
the I-5 corridor today, (Wed, 9/24) starting at 5pm 
from Corvallis to Portland to Seattle and then 
Vancouver BC. If you would like to buy them, I can 
bring them to you. Email me before 4pm with your
address and directions. I can't bring it along just 
to show you since I have to cross the Canadian border. 
Will probably be hassled into paying excise/duty/taxes
on the tires/wheels if I do that.