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Re: Tires

> I have 2 brand new tires and 2 tires that are not new but have adequate
> tread to get me through this winter.  My question is how should I mount
> them?  Right now the 2 new tires are in front but with all wheel drive my
> thought was maybe I should mount 1 in RF and 1 in LR to get the maximum
> traction?  Any thoughts?


Having 10 years of tire engineering experience, here are my thoughts. 
All wheel drive will mask the traction differences between the new 
and worn tires since torque is transferred to the wheels with the 
most grip. I recommend mounting the two new tires on the same axle. 
Put the new tires on the rear for more understeer in wet/snow 
conditions, and conversely on the front if you prefer oversteer.  
In dry conditions the worn tires will give you more grip which means 
the opposite of the previous sentence.

Putting a new tire on the RF and LR will give you asymmetric handling 
characteristics. (Unless you like that sort of thing.)

Rudy C.
97 A42.8Q