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Re: Pics of A4 white gauge

Is it too much to ask that people NOT include attachments?
I think the world would benefit immesely from a Majordomo server than could
filter them...
if you want to make pictures available to everyone, I would be happy to add
them to Mark Nelson's collection on my server.  I'm considering setting up
a central archive of pics for the listers who don't have permanent access,
and I need to know about demand for it.


At 7:17 PM -0500 on 9/27/97, Christopher Hlubb wrote:

> Anyway he is a pic of them. It's not too good , but I didn't have much
> time. I'll post a better one later.

> Attachment converted: Killer Rabbit:WHITEGAUGE.jpg (JPEG/JVWR) (000028EB)


Brett Dikeman
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