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C-GTlopin' update

Hey I checked my timing belt, and uh, the cam timing was way off.  It
was nowhere near where it was supposed to be.  It seemed like with the
bottom end at TDC, the no. 1 cylinder cam lobes were pointing down.  The
timing belt seemed alot looser than it was when I put it in.

So, I put the timing back to where I think it should go, and I try to
start it, and it does the same thing:  Starts and runs very roughly,
will stall when throttle is lightly applied.

I then borrowed my friends compression tester, and we checked the
compression.  The results are listed below:

Cyl #     Bar     PSI
=====     ===     ===
1         7.5     100
2         10      140
3         9.5     125
4         7.5     100
5         8.2     120

The Bentley says that the cylinders should be withing 3 bar (difference
between the highest and lower cylinders, which it is.

And the minimum, I don't have it in front of me, but it's in spec.

Does anyone, based on this new info, have any idea what could be wrong?