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Mercedes parts clarification (little Audi content :-(

Cobram@Channel1.Com wrote:

>If I hadn't experienced getting "difficult" parts from other
>manufacturers I'd just chaulk it up as normal procedure.
>But it's NOT. I needed a part for my sisters Piece o Crap
>'87 atoyoT and they AIR EXPRESSED the part to my address
>at no extra cost. Is it too much to expect Audi to do the
>same with a car that originally listed for U$70K???
>It really pisses me off, especially if you look at Mercedes
>and how they deal with OEM parts, they'll Air Freight
>ANYTHING that a customer needs, at no additional cost, AND,
>on top of that, ANY, yes ANY OEM part purchased from MB
>that's defective will be re-installed by an Authorized
>Dealer for FREE, regardless of who initially installed
>the part.

  Not taking anything away from your beef against Audi (I agree
100% with your points taken), I do question your comments on
Mercedes parts.  I had a automatic tranny go on my '86 190E
with only 70K miles on the car two years ago.  An independent
service place bought a rebuilt tranny from Mercedes and replaced
it for me for around $4K (still can't believe a Benz tranny going
at 90K miles!!).  Anyhow, 20K miles and 2 years later the main pump
failed on the rebuilt tranny (according to an authorized MB dealer).
I figured, "No big deal, Benz will cover the cost since the tranny
must be warranteed".  All told Mercedes said the tranny only had a
1 year warrantee and since it wasn't installed by an authorized
dealer, they said I have no recourse with them.  I ended up having
a remanufactured tranny put in by the MB dealer which comes with a
4 year/unlimited mile warrantee.  Even though for highway riding
comfort I don't think anything compares to a Benz (IMHO), it
certainly will make me think twice come time for a replacement.

Happy motoring,
  Ron Rappel  '94 90CSQ (I just love it...)

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