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4ks paint

Hi all,

1st, thanks to all for the responses.  Turns out the paperwork
_was_ still actually on the trunk and that the paint is indeed
sapphire metallic, code LY5V.   

Trouble is,  the dealer says its $24 and because of the hi-price,
he assumes its a spray rather than the two-tube touch-up deal
that many of you mentioned.   Is that consistent with your findings
or is it possible that the dealer only sees regional rather than
national stocks?   I did call a few local (Austin TX) paint places
and the answer was consistent: they'll make some for me with no
problem, but at a minimum of 1 pint at $20.   Anyone else had to
cross this bridge before?  1 pint seems like a Lot of scratches.

3rdly:  I've got 3 small patches (roughly 1, 2, and 3 inches dia)
where the clearcoat has worn/peeled away. The rest is in suprisingly
good shape.  I'm tinkering with trying to respray those areas and
feather them into the existing.  I'm hoping that I can maybe halve
the difference and at least improve the appearance.  Anyone tinkered
with this?

Lastly, to several who questioned my priorities (some cosmetic issues
before getting the motor to run)  Point well taken.  I'm just doing
cosmetic stuff in the waning daylight hours after work while I spend
the night reading my Haynes, the Bosch FI book, and awaiting my
used Bentley.  I read for now, and plot motor repairs etc for shortly
after Oktoberfest  [now pls no one tell me that's a bad priority :)  ]

Thanks once again for past and future tips.