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Re: 87tqw price/value

Dan Simoes writes:
> Toying with the idea of replacing my 84 4kq with this.
> I keep telling myself that driving around in a 1984 car
> is not a good idea given my limited time for repairing
> quirks...

I dunno, I have limited time for repairing quirks, and I drive around
in a 1980 car!  In fact, I share about equal seat time in my 80 4000 as
my 96 A4q, and drive the 5000t very little.

The 4000 series is simpler and less problem-prone than the 5000s.
If you're looking for better reliability, I am not sure you'll gain
anything by going to a 5000 series (we're still talking 80s vintage
here).  The 4000s (q included) are damn reliable cars, and have only
a couple of minor things that need looking after.

96 A4 2.8 quattro
84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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