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V8Q assistance

My thanks to all those who replied to my questions about V8s a day or two ago,
especially where to find the engine number.  Found it straight away with a 
mirror on a stick and the Bend-a-Light.

We have an interesting and ongoing story with this car - the service logbook is 
a work of fiction worthy of Agatha Christie.  Plausible on the surface, but 
utterly ridiculous when studied.  According to the stamps, the car went 
backwards for 10k miles in 1994.  Three services later, it made up for this 
by travelling 7000 miles in two weeks - then it had two main dealer services 
four days and 278 miles apart.  Handwriting oddities - all of the "recorded 
mileages" are written without commas, and all of the "next service due" figures 
are written WITH commas.  Same with the dates - dashes in the "done" column, 
oblique strokes in the "next due".  One of the dealers in St Albans has a 
remarkably similar way of forming "3" and "8" to a dealer almost two hundred 
miles away ...

Also, why is the book in the name of the guy who's selling the car - he didn't 
buy it until late 1995, so surely the first owner should characterise the book.

Audi's computer system doesn't record the last two services (again, at a main 
dealer) as having been done - although the book is stamped and signed.  
Because they weren't recorded within the six month limit, the warranty has 
been voided.  Also, their computer records the initial sale in late December 
1992 as being to themselves, although the record shows they took delivery from 
themselves in January 1993. Tsk, tsk - one more car sold in 1992?

More investigation.  It has UFO brakes, too - the first I've seen.  I sat in 
the pub last night thinking that 'annulus' is an anagram of 'nul anus'.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club