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Re: no power to fuel pump

In a message dated 97-10-15 05:47:04 EDT, you write:

<< My initial thoughts are the flywheel timing senders and the Hall sender.  
< There's a finite chance that it's simply a defective ECU ...
 <Hard to think of something that could inhibit starting but permit the car
 <run once the engine is turning over.
The 2312 code can do this.  Specifically,  Distributor signal is checked by
ECU at startup.  Once the car is running the ECU ignores the Distributor
sensor and runs in relation to the rpm and timing sensor marks on the
flywheel only.  You can swing distributor outside the hall window and the car
runs, tho the window for the hall distributor is +/- 2 degrees of cam, or +/-
4 degrees at crank.  Once you attempt to restart, no go.

Given that, maybe a quick check of TDC would be in order here first.  Has the
FPR been replaced with a known working one yet?