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Re: Targeting Clutches

In a message dated 97-10-18 11:41:41 EDT, you write:

<< Using the C.A.T, for the
 <"novice" should
 <be a requirement.  Then they can learn from their first gearbox experience,
 <and develop
 <their technique, as experience allows.

And here we have a freedom to disagree, sir.  My experience (clutches, solo -
audi, almost 10 now) tells me one has no better luck with the C.A.T. than
without it.  A clutch will move with the weight of that trans, btdt.  I also
found that the clutch disc naturally moves down anyhow, unless you have the
trans AND motor out of the car.  So why not just start that way.  Saying a
centering tool is a must on an audi isn't totally without some salt.
 Remember, experience will also tell one that a cat can be skinned
successfully (sorry to Unk Bart) a variety of ways.  Jockeying a heavy
gearbox will move the best CAT target on install, especially without a
hoist,btdt.  The clutch disc does move, just not by hand, but with a couple
hundred pounds of jockeying leveraged spline shaft....   The trans only will
draw when it's right, exactly right.  A C.A.T. is hardly the saving grace to
a clutch R&R in the grand scheme o things.  More important procedures would
be to make sure one ties up the front of the motor, and removes the trans
wings, and some light Grease on the spline shaft, and replaces the spline
output shaft seal. 

Give the eye more credit than you are Mike.  The science of the CAT hardly
outweighs the "art" of the project as a whole. 

I posted the detailed procedure and the tricks some 2+ years ago here for the
44 owners.  You 86-88 bentley owners heed the incorrect torque specs listed
in the clutch section of the FW/crank and PP/Flywheel values, they are
reversed.  Gotta like that.