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FW: Winter Tires

> Ronald, you are not telling us where do you live and what are the
> climatic conditions at the moment. The snow tires don't work well in
> temperatures above 5-10C (they are also wearing very quickly in these
> conditions). I'm not familiar with the Yokohamas you bought, but this
> year it will be third winter on a set of my winter Continentals and I
> couldn't be more happy with them! Two years ago I've made a New Years'
> eve trip to the mountains - if there was anyone to take a picture, it
> sure could be used it Audi advertising - I've passed several snowplows
> in deep snow at night (no kidding, I have witnesses :-) in the FWD
> automatic!. However, they don't handle very well on dry surface,
> especially at higher outside temperatures. There has to be some
> compromise.
> Aleksander Mierzwa
> Warsaw, Poland
> mailto:alex@matrix.com.pl
> 87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
> 88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
> 91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)
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> Sent:	Sunday, October 19, 1997 9:48 PM
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> Subject:	Winter Tires
>  Well, I made the move for the first time and bought a set of
> dedicated
> winter tires. I purchases a set of Yokohama Guardex for our 83 Ur Q!
>  I have to say I am totally underwhelmed! In fact I am really
> disappointed. They handle very poorly! Doesn't feel at all like the
> same
> car.
>  I even stayed with the 205/60/15 size to try to maintain the cars
> handling. Oh well.
>  To make matters worse, I purchased a set for my wifes 90 900 turbo
> Saab
> and my wife asked "What's wrong with my car"?
>  I specifically asked the sales person at Discount direct and they
> said
> the Guardex handled better than the Bilzzaks! If that's the case they
> must
> really "suck"!
>  That's the old story I guess, Live and learn!
>    Ron
>   E-mail from: Ronald J. Husak, 19-Oct-1997