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info on '87 wagon


This is my first posting to this list (been lurking for a while) and
here I go asking for something. My wife is drooling after an '87 5000 TQ
wagon. She currently drives an '84 5000 wagon, so the car itself is
something we are familiar with and like, but the turbo quattro stuff
really has her heart going pitter-pat. Current owner has put a new (not
used) head and lifters etc on it, adjustable waste-gate, and quite a few
other goodies (euro headlites, lowered springs, adjustable shocks
(sachs?)). Any opinions out there? Pros? Cons? Specific things to look
for? To her advantage, she does work for a european mechanic, but your
input would be appreciated. 

Thanks... Steve
Kent, WA
'84 5KWagon (for sale?)
'87 5KTQW (soon in the driveway?, with no keys for lonely me)
'85 VW Westfalia
'79 Porsche 924
'72 Mercedes Benz 280SEL4.5
looking for a bigger driveway...